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Wrongful Arrest & Civil Rights Violations

wrongful-arrest-civil-rights-violationsTechnically, the police may only arrest someone if they have probable cause to believe that a criminal violation has occurred, and even then, there are strict rules about the amount of force that police can use against suspects they are arresting.

Unfortunately, situations arise when police do not have probable cause, but arrest someone anyway. This can lead to cases for wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution. It is not unheard of for someone to be arrested, accused of crimes they did not commit, and the police either don’t drop the charges or drop them only after someone has spent time in jail.

The police may otherwise use an unreasonable amount of force during arrests, or harass or arrest someone because of their race or nationality. Racial profiling is illegal, as is using excessive force. Unfortunately, some police officers are not trained to have the self-discipline needed to properly do their jobs. This can lead to situations where suspect’s rights are violated.

The majority of police officers are hard working professionals, but like any other job, there are a few bad apples. The difference is that the bad apples of a police force carry guns.

I Was An Assistant Prosecutor In Union County For Four Years And Became A Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. I Am Very Familiar With The Way Police Operate, And More Importantly, How They Should Do Their Jobs.

If you believe that you have been wrongfully arrested, or that the police used excessive force against you, the law allows you to sue and recover monetary damages. In order to win these type of cases, the lawyer needs to have experience in police procedures, applicable laws & court decisions that determine the best way to maximize a settlement or verdict.