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theftTheft is what is commonly known as stealing. In New Jersey, how serious a theft charge is depends on the value of the stolen item. The value of the stolen item is what its market value is. So, for example, if a five year old tv that was purchased for $1,200 originally is stolen its value for purposes of grading the theft is what its actual value is now factoring in depreciation. It is not what the replacement value of the item is.

In New Jersey, there are separate theft charges for stealing particular things like a motor vehicle or even a dog. A new and developing form of theft is identity theft which can be difficult to track, prosecute and prove. Fraud schemes can also be charged as thefts. Shoplifting is a common form of theft.

It is important to retain an aggressive and experienced lawyer when you are charged with any form of theft. There are many defenses to all different kinds of theft. So, for example, the amount of the item can be challenged or that it was even stolen at all. Often, people will accuse someone of theft after they gave them something and then want it back. In addition, the police may have violated someone’s rights in how they found evidence or obtained a statement.

No one wants to be labeled a thief. I can aggressively present a defense which will allow you to obtain a favorable plea bargain with the Prosecutor, a dismissal or to give you the best possible chance of being found not guilty by a jury.