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The Court Fines And Fees Associated With A DWI Conviction In New Jersey

Interviewer: What are the court fines and fees, where do they range?

Tom Chaves: The minimum is $400, the maximum is $1,000.

Interviewer: Any other fees or that’s it?

Tom Chaves: No. There’s court costs that are associated with it and there’s number of other fees. It ends up being expensive, DWI.

Interviewer: What does it range common to?

Tom Chaves: In general, it ends up being about $800 for most first offenders.

Defense Attorneys Charge A Small Percentage of the Actual Cost Associated with a DWI Conviction

Interviewer: So, safe to say, you charge a fraction of what they’re going to pay if they get convicted?

Tom Chaves: Yes.

Interviewer: How often because of your intervention, someone’s fine fees, suspensions etc. are mitigated to a significant degree?

Tom Chaves: It’s a very high percent.

Public Knowledge of DWI Charges in New Jersey

Interviewer: What about jobs? Do people tend to get fired and do the employers find out, if they have a DWI, about this?

Tom Chaves: Employers generally don’t find out unless the employee for some reason tells them but the issue becomes how does the employee get to and from work.

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