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Slip And Fall Accidents

slip-and-fall-accidentsAside from car accidents, slip and fall accidents are the most common type of accident leading to personal injury lawsuits. In general, slip and fall accidents occur on defective stairs or on a slippery or uneven surface. Accidents outside can occur from a failure to shovel snow and ice.

If you fall in a building, the owner and managing agent are typically sued. They are responsible for providing a reasonably safe environment where injuries are not going to occur. Stairways can be defective for a number of reasons including that the handrail is broken or missing or that the stairs are uneven or worn.

In all slip and fall cases, the injured person has to prove that the owner being sued had notice of whatever defect caused the fall. So, in a supermarket accident due to a liquid on the floor, the person suing must prove that there was sufficient time for the store to have notice of the dangerous spill.

To win a slip and fall case, hiring experts is often necessary, as is developing witnesses who can testify about the condition which caused the accident.

I Have A Stable Of Highly Qualified Experts Who I Hire To Prove That The Defendants Are At Fault.

By doing an in depth investigation and hiring the right experts, I can help you achieve the best settlement or verdict.


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