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Slip And Fall Accidents, Establishing Fault

Slip And Fall Accidents, Establishing FaultDetermining who is responsible in a slip and fall accident can be tough. Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of accidents that lead to personal injury lawsuits. These types of accidents can happen due to slippery stairs, uneven surfaces, failing to shovel snow and ice, and much more. Before pursuing a lawsuit, it’s important to establish fault in a slip and fall case. Consider the following questions:

  • Determining liability:
    • Who is legally responsible for the injuries that you suffered from slipping and falling: is a homeowner liable? Or is a business liable for the accident?
  • What is reasonable?
    • Did the owner have notice about the dangerous area and fail to repair it?
    • Did the owner make an effort to keep the property safe?
  • What was your personal level of carelessness?
    • Were there warnings that the area could have been dangerous?
    • Did you have a reason for being in the dangerous area?

After going through these questions about your slip and fall accident, you will need an expert who can help you prove that the defendant is at fault. I, attorney Tom Chaves, can help you to achieve the best settlement or verdict for your case. Give me a call at (908) 256-3039 for a free consultation.

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