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New Jersey DWI Lawyer Discusses the Ignition Interlock Device

If your license has been suspended for driving under the influence, you may be required to get an ignition interlock device (“IID”) installed on the dashboard of your car. In order to start an IID equipped vehicle, someone must provide a valid breath sample of 0.0% blood alcohol content (“BAC”) before the engine will start.

In addition to requiring a valid breath test to start the engine, IID equipped vehicles also require drivers to perform random re-tests to continue driving. Usually, the re-tests are performed between 15 minutes and one hour after starting the car.

IIDs electronically log all results of breath samples, which can be printed out when the device is calibrated (usually every month or bi-monthly).

I Have Been Arrested for DWI. If Convicted, Will I Be Required To Get an IID?

First DUI offense

  • IIDs are not mandatory in New Jersey after a first offense if your BAC was under 0.15 %. However, a judge has discretion whether to order one. If ordered, the device must be installed and maintained during the license suspension period and for six months to one year after your license is restored.
  • If your BAC was greater than 0.15 % for your first offense, installation of an IID is mandatory. You will have to maintain an IID on your car during the period of license suspension and for six months to a year after your license is restored.

Second and third DUI offenses:

  • IID installation is mandatory during the period your license is suspended and for one to three years following restoration of your license.

Who Is Responsible For Installing the IID in my Car?

If the court requires you to get an interlock device, you will receive a notice from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission with instructions on how to obtain the device. You must obtain the device yourself, and bear the costs of renting and periodically servicing the device, which can be high. An experienced New Jersey DWI lawyer can ensure that the court gives you adequate time to shop around and find the best deal with an authorized New Jersey IID provider.

What If I Do Not Install a Court Ordered IID?

If you fail to comply with a judge’s orders to install an IID, you could face an additional one year suspension of your driver’s license and you cannot get your license restored unless you can prove that the IID was properly installed during the required period.

New Jersey DUI – DWI Lawyer Tom Chaves Represents Individuals Charged with Drunk Driving

If you are facing DWI charges, you may be required to install a costly IID on your vehicle. Experienced New Jersey DWI lawyer Tom Chaves always strives to have your charges dismissed outright. If the charges against you cannot be dismissed, we will fight to have them downgraded. An experienced DWI lawyer can significantly improve your chances of avoiding a DUI conviction and installation of an IID. For a free consultation, call us at 908-256-3039 or contact us online today. We represent individuals charged with drunk driving in Somerset County, Hunterdon County, Middlesex County and Union County.

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