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How To Find Out Status Of New Jersey Courts In Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy

The best way to find out if the Superior Court, also known as County Court, in your county is open is to check the official website of the judiciary, If you type “New Jersey Courts online” as the search term you will also get to the same website. If you need to find out if the Municipal Court in your town is open, you should call the local police.

Even if the Court is open, if you cannot get there, make sure to write a letter to the Court explaining your personal circumstances with respect to why you cannot get there due to the aftermath of the storm.

As of today, November 1, 2012, most Superior Courts and Municipal Courts in New Jersey are closed. Please keep in mind that it is much more effective to send letters notifying the appropriate court that you cannot get there as opposed to leaving a voicemail message or telling someone that you “called.” A letter is written proof that you are responsible and made a good faith effort to get to Court. In general, no court is going to penalize you for not being able to get to court when there is no power in your town and/or home.

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