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Fraudulent Use of Credit Card or Gift Card

Many people are buying credit cards and gift cards on the street. They then take these cards and go to stores to buy things. Frequently, these fake cards are taken to stores such as Target, Best Buy or the Apple Store to buy electronics. In order to pay for the items, the use of multiple cards takes place.

Stores have told their check out people to watch out for the use of the cards. In order to prove someone guilty of using a fake credit card or gift card, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person being accused knew that the card was fake. It is not illegal to resell a gift card. If someone is trying to use multiple fake cards then it is easier for a jury to believe that the person knew they were fake. But what if the person innocently believed that the card was not fake? You need an experienced attorney who has handled these type of cases and can effectively convince the jury that the person really is innocent. I have defended numerous clients who bought cards of various kinds mostly in Brooklyn and used the cards in Woodbridge, Milltown and East Brunswick. The fact that you possess a card that is fraudulent does not mean you will be found guilty.