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Expungement: A New Beginning

“Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?”

Expungement: A New Beginning Your answer to this question may prevent you from getting a good job, an approval for a loan, or a college acceptance. If you have a criminal record, an expungement will allow you to legally answer “no.”

An expungement offers a fresh start by wiping the slate clean. It is the process of wiping any arrest or convictions from your record.  No one will ever know that you were arrested or convicted.

In the state of New Jersey, eligibility for expungement of convictions depends on the type of conviction and the time elapsed since the conviction. Felony convictions take the longest; they generally require a waiting period of 10 years or 5 years for certain charges. Arrests without a conviction typically don’t require a waiting period and can be immediately expunged. However, there are certain crimes that can never be expunged, such as murder, kidnapping, robbery and drug dealing.

A conviction, even one from several years ago, can have an impact on a person’s life. An expungement will allow you to no longer suffer the consequences of the past. Your record can be wiped clean.  I, attorney Tom Chaves, will determine the charges on your criminal record that qualify.  Our office can quickly process the paperwork to get an Expungement Order from the Court. If you are looking for a new beginning or want more information on how I can help you, call today for a free consultation. (908) 256-3039.

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