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dwi-dui-chargesDriving under the Influence is one of the most serious motor vehicle charges you can be accused of. The laws against driving under the influence (of alcohol or any illegal drug) in New Jersey are harsh.

In some states, a license is not suspended for a first-time offender. In New Jersey, if the defendant’s blood alcohol content is more than 0.08% but less than 0.10%, a fine of not less than $250 will be imposed. Along with the fine, attending an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center for at least 12 hours during two consecutive days and a license suspension of at least 3 months is mandatory.

If the blood alcohol content is more than 0.10% than the penalties go up substantially. A first offender faces a minimum fine of $300 and a license suspension of at least 7 months. A potential jail sentence of 30 days may be imposed.

The penalties for second and third offenses become even harsher with mandatory jail time in some circumstances.

If You Are Charged With A DUI or DWI, You Should Contact Me As Soon As Possible. The Sooner You Begin Your Defense Preparations, The More I Can Do For You.

In addition to all the serious penalties outlined, a person convicted of any Driving under the Influence charge is subject to substantial insurance company surcharges which can run into the thousands of dollars over years. Premiums also generally go up substantially after a Driving under the Influence charge.

Beating these charges is not easy. The prosecutor will often rely on a breathalyzer test. After extensive court litigation, the Supreme Court held that a new breathalyzer machine known as the Alcotest 7110 was scientifically reliable and its results can be used in court. In order to attack the results of an Alcotest 7110, a defense lawyer must make sure that every protocol the police must follow in order to introduce the results was done properly, the machine was inspected and calibrated properly, and that the police officer administering it is qualified and properly trained in its use.

  • Operation of Motor Vehicle by Underage Drinker