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Construction Site Accidents

construction-site-accidentsConstruction workers are often hurt on the job. Due to the nature of the work, serious injuries or even death can result from these accidents, such as when workers fall from scaffolds. Every employer has a legal duty to provide workers’ compensation insurance to pay for medical bills and payments while the person is out of work.

On a construction site, the owner and general contractor must provide a safe place to work. I represented many large contractors and subcontractors for years when I did insurance defense work. Some of the cases I handled involved a death from being crushed by a hoist elevator, an amputated foot from a wall collapse and permanent brain damage due a fall from a roof. After seeing how hard insurance companies work to deny claims for seriously injured workers, I switched sides, and now do all I can to help injured workers get the compensation they deserve.

If You Are Hurt On The Job, There Are Probably People That You Can Sue For Your Pain And Suffering, And Your Lost Income That Is Not Covered By Worker’s Compensation. In Order To Be Successful In These Cases, You Need An Attorney That Is Experienced In Construction Injury Claims.

I am an expert in how buildings are built or renovated, the contracts that exist between the owner and general contractor, and the general contractor and its subcontractors. I can use my years of experience to find the liable contractor, find the OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) violations and win your case.

For Personal Injury Cases, If You Aren’t Compensated For The Incident, You Won’t Pay Any Fees.

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