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Client Testimonials

“Thank you again for your advice and guidance and also professionalism. I very much appreciate it. Enjoy your summer.”

email from potential client who has
an issue with his town I advised him
how to resolve without a lawyer

“I want to thank you for all you tried to do. You telling the Judge that I’m a good guy really meant a lot to me, especially in here when your self-esteem drops so low.”

letter from client in prison

“Good morning Mr. Chaves,
On behalf of Christopher, my wife and myself, thanks for your help and support in getting us through this.”

father of client in Middlesex
County Family court who Temporary
Restraining Order against was dismissed

“My mom and I cannot even express the gratitude we both feel. You have our utmost respect and gratitude.”

sister of client who was involuntarily
committed who I visited in the hospital.

“Thank you. I will always call you if I need a lawyer going forward.”

client charged in Somerset
County Superior Court with
possession of drugs with
intent to distribute. All
charges dismissed.

“Tom I really appreciate this and everything else you have done for me. You are a good guy and excellent lawyer and I feel like I won the lottery when I retained your services.”

client charged with burglary
and theft in the Monmouth County
Superior Court.

“We thank you for your work. We could not ask for a better result.”

Mother of 20 year old
client charged with criminal
mischief in Piscataway
Municipal Court (case

“Thank you so much for your hard work. I am very happy with the results.”

Aunt of 20 year old client
charged with robbery in Somerset
County and aggravated assault in
Middlesex County (cases consolidated
for entry into Drug Court)

“Thank you so much Tom. You were great. I am so blessed to have had you on my side.”

Edison Municipal Court client
charged with simple assault
(complaint dismissed)

“Thank you again. Hopefully, none of my friends/family will ever need an attorney but if they do I will be sure to refer them to you!”

Client charged with drug
possession in Hunterdon County
Superior Court.

“Tom just want to say thank you once more. You saved me. I’ll definitely pass your name around. Take care.”

Client in Bernardsville
Municipal Court whose
marijuana possession
case was dismissed (it
was his second offense and
he had received a conditional
discharge three years ago

“Hi Mr. Chaves! I wanted to say once again thank you very much for helping to resolve my case and for always informing me of the best option to take to resolve my problem. I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you!!”

Client charged with DWI
in the East Brunswick Municipal
Court (received a 3 month
license suspension downgrade
from 7 months suspension
based on .15% blood alcohol reading)

“Thank you very much for your services! I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me. You’re good at what you do and it shows you actually care. Definitely would recommend you.”

Client in Somerset County Family
court matter involving child abuse
(from unsolicited thank you email)

“Thank you so much for your help, I truly know I chose the right attorney for my brother.”

Sister of client charged with shoplifting
in Watchung Municipal Court.​

“I can NEVER EVER thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my family. GREAT is an insult when I describe your services.”

Client charged with theft and fraud in three counties
(won pre-trial release for her over prosecutor’s objections
in two counties where detention was sought)

“Tom Chaves is a true professional, he is someone that will always answer the phone and be the voice of reason without sugar coating the situation. I personally was in a situation where I felt hopeless, Tom was reassuring the entire time and took time out of his schedule to explain the process. I truly felt taken care of and I would not hesitate to call Mr. Chaves if the need were to arise again.​​”

Middlesex County Superior Court client
charged with writing bad checks

“Hello Tom. Thanks a lot for your very good legal services for my wife. We appreciate a lot your help! Thanks again for everything​.​​”

Client charged with money laundering
in Middlesex County Superior Court

“Mr. Chaves is a great lawyer. He was my lawyer for family court. Not only was he consistent but he helped me by explaining each problem. Step by step. If you are looking for a great lawyer, I suggest Tom Chaves.”

Somerset County family court client

“I would like to commend Tom Chaves for the excellent job he did in representing me in my court case. Mr. Chaves did an excellent job in representing me and I would highly recommend him.”

DWI client in Raritan Township

“Tom, I want to thank you for your recent handling of my son’s case. Your professionalism and courtroom representation resulted in an outcome that exceeded our expectations. The guidance that you provided allowed us to navigate the system with confidence. We feel fortunate that you were there as our advocate.”

Mother of 20 year old client charged with speeding 100 mph
and reckless driving in the West Amwell Municipal Court.

“Mr. Chaves recently represented me in a DWI case and he really came through for me. I’ve never worked with a more professional and knowledgeable attorney.  He explained the case against me and helped me come out of it with the best possible outcome. I’m sure Mr. Chaves saved me thousands of dollars and he kept me out of jail.  If I or anyone i know ever have any legal trouble in New Jersey I will definitely turn to him for help.” DWI client in Bethlehem Township
“Just wanted to tell you thank you very much for representing my daughter and helping her to get the best possible outcome in this case. You have a way of making people feel at ease and not alone.” Mother Of Client In Watchung Municipal Court.
“Tom,Words cannot explain how truly grateful I am for all you’ve done regarding my case. I couldn’t have asked for a more caring and supportive attorney. Thank you for all you’ve done on my behalf. You’ve made a difference in my life.”  Somerset County Superior Client Charged With Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon.
“Thank you for your professionalism in handling this court case for me. It has been a pleasure working with you.”  West Amwell Municipal Court Client.
“I would like to take the time to say thank you! You have been more accommodating than necessary. Please understand I do appreciate all you did for me. Frankly, you have been more responsive and caring than every attorney I have had prior to this event. Again, thank you!”  Hunterdon County Superior Court Criminal Case Client.
“I hired Mr. Tom Chaves to represent my interests in a multiple automobile accident dispute. He is personable, professional and passionate about his cases. I was astonished more by his strategic questioning; he is articulate, direct and concise, while offering advice and objective assessments of all facts and presumptions according to legal standards and the law.Mr. Chaves’ guidance and legal expertise are priceless and reassuring. Principles, fairness, justice and virtues are what make him the best in his legal practice.Tom, thank you for your expertise, advice and tireless representation in handling my case. I can’t think of no other lawyer I would rather have on my side. I wish you the very best in all your future endeavors.”  Tiffany N.
“I would like to thank Tom Chaves, Esq. for his help in resolving cases for my organization. His dedication and persistence yielded positive results for all of our legal needs. I would highly recommend him.”  Michelle Marlowe, Executive Director Of Mighty Mutts Animal Rescue Organization


I just wanted to thank you for your role representing my client and friend Hugo B. Your settlement with the opposing party was quick and resolved a property claim & potential discrimination suit with great satisfaction.”  Best Regards, John A.

“Tom, I want to thank you for your role in representing my client Ira S. He is a long term friend and client and your ability to argue a case has prompted a congratulatory phone call from Ira to myself for directing him to the firm. He stated, “The comfort level of having a professional attorney such as Tom handle his case, gives him the confidence that he will win”.  Regards, John A.
“I just wanted to take a moment to write this letter and thank McCarter & English personnel involved in settling my litigation most especially Thomas Chaves. There was a notable difference between the level of expertise in handling all facets of the case between McCarter & English and the prior law firm. Tom’s attention to detail, persistency; ability to communicate orally and in writing; and knowledge of law are of the highest caliber.”  Frederick R.