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U.S Supreme Court Says Strip Searches OK

The U.S. Supreme Court held last week that police have the right to strip search anyone arrested who is in police custody at a station.… Read more →

Medical Marijuana: Two Years And Counting

About two years ago, a new law was passed in New Jersey allowing for medical marijuana to be sold at a limited and highly regulated… Read more →

Trust But Verify

President Reagan said trust but verify. In the last week, two prominent business and school leaders pled guilty to bilking local towns. In the more… Read more →

Trayvon Martin: RIP

I was very upset when I heard about the Trayvon Martin shooting. As a parent, it is inconveivable to me that one of my sons… Read more →

Divorce Court: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

An appellate court recently overturned the decision of a Family Court Judge in Essex County concerning a very contested divorce that the Judge heard the… Read more →

Linden Municipal Court Judge Fired

As reported in the New Jersey Law Journal, the Municipal Court Judge of Linden was fired because he tried a case in which two cousins… Read more →

New Jersey Supreme Court To Address Car Searches

The New Jersey Supreme Court is re-examining its decision from two years ago that required the police to show a higher level of probable cause… Read more →