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New Jersey Courts May Follow New York Court On Obtaining a Criminal Defendant’s Tweets On Twitter

A Manhattan Criminal Judge has ruled that seven pages of tweets by an Occupy Wall Street protestor must be turned over to prosecutors. The Manhattan… Read more →

The Right To Remain Silent: How New Jersey Police Get Statements

Everyone is so familiar with the standard Miranda warning that they can almost repeat it by memory: “you have the right to remain silent and… Read more →

New Jersey Court Rules Silence At DWI Scene Cannot Be Used To Prove Guilt

A New Jersey court ruled this week that a suspect’s silence at the scene of a DWI/DUI and/or car accident cannot be used against the… Read more →

Drug Courts Now Mandatory In New Jersey For All Drug Possession Cases

Governor Christie signed a law last week that makes drug courts mandatory for all people charged with possession of controlled dangerous substances. Previously, the drug… Read more →

Ignition Locks For Refusal To Take Alcotest (Breathalyzer) Test In New Jersey

On January 14, 2010, the New Jersey legislature passed a bill known as “Ricci’s law” which required that drivers convicted of DWI and of refusal… Read more →

New Jersey Law Will Probably Give Right To Conditional Discharge In Municipal Court

Under current New Jersey law, a person cannot get a conditional discharge for any disorderly persons’ offenses in Municipal Court. A conditional discharge generally allows… Read more →

New Jersey Court Temporarily Suspends Tickets Issued By Surveillance Cameras

In good news for New Jersey drivers, an Appellate New Jersey court has issued a ruling suspending adjudication of tickets which were given as a… Read more →

New Jersey Governor Christie Supreme Court Nominee May Not Get Approved

It has been widely reported that the Democratice controlled New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee may not approve Governor Christie’s second person to be appointed to… Read more →

New Jersey Court Rules That Person Sending Text To Driver Not Responsible For Car Accident

On May 25, 2012, in a case of first impression meaning that had not decided the issue before in New Jersey, a Court in Morris… Read more →

Law Against Discrimination: Broad Reach

New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (“LAD”) has a very broad reach and through recent court decisions has been extended to situations where most people would… Read more →