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The Reality of a DUI

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is one of the most serious motor vehicle charges you can be accused of. The laws against driving under the… Read more →

United States Supreme Court Decides When Anonymous Call Can Lead To A Traffic Stop

The Supreme Court recently decided the important question of what circumstances justify the police relying on a 911 call in order to stop a motor… Read more →

Co-op Eviction Battle over Service Dog

As reported in the New York Post, a Manhattan woman who suffers from post 9/11 stress disorder was sued for eviction by the co-op board… Read more →

Alcotest Blood Alcohol Test Under Fire

Every state uses a breathalyzer machine to determine the level of blood alcohol of motorists suspected to be under the influence of alcohol. New Jersey… Read more →

New Jersey Supreme Court Rules That Defendants Can Be Forced To Appear At Sentencing

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled in a case of first impression that a criminal defendant can be required to appear at his sentencing even… Read more →

Jury Rules In Favor Of Car Buyer Who Was Deceived Into Buying a Loaner Car

In a case in which the issue was tried for the first time in New Jersey, Millenium Mercedes Benz in Bridgewater, New Jersey was found… Read more →

E-mails Are Not Truly Private In New Jersey Or Anywhere Else

The current “scandals” involving General Petreaus and General Allen illustrate the perils of e.mail. People often mistakenly believe that e.mails are private and cannot be… Read more →

New Jersey Court Rules That Alcoholism Is a Disability Which Does Not Allow An Employer To Institute Random Alcohol Testing After a Period Of Time

A New Jersey Appellate Court reinstated a terminated employee’s disability bias lawsuit over a positive alcohol test. Under New Jersey law, alcoholism is a protected… Read more →

How To Find Out Status Of New Jersey Courts In Aftermath Of Hurricane Sandy

The best way to find out if the Superior Court, also known as County Court, in your county is open is to check the official… Read more →

New Jersey Court Rules Prior DWI Conviction Counts For Subsequent Breath Test Refusal Sentencing

The law concerning DWI and DWI refusal of a breath test is constantly changing in New Jersey. However, in general, the trend is to both… Read more →