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An Overview Of DWI Offenses In The State Of New Jersey

Interviewer: Are people calling it DUI or DWI when they call you?

Tom Chaves: In general DWI.

Alcohol Related DWI Cases are More Prevalent as Compared to Drug Related DWI

Interviewer: Probably, you get a lot more drug cases versus the alcohol ones?

Tom Chaves: No. I get a lot more of alcohol than under the influence of drugs.

Suspension of Driving License is a Major Cause of Concern for DWI Offenders

Interviewer: What are the things that most concern people about it when they call you for a DWI on the most?

Tom Chaves: People want to know how long their license is going to be suspended for if they’re found guilty.

There is No Hardship License in the State of New Jersey

Interviewer: Besides that, do they ask you about hardship licenses or work licenses?

Tom Chaves: In New Jersey, there is no hardship or limited license like to drive to and from work.

All Aspects of DWI Cases are Heard in the Municipal Courts

Interviewer: Is there an administrative hearing or is it just in the court system?

Tom Chaves: All DWI cases are heard in the municipal courts.

In New Jersey a DWI is Considered a Motor Vehicle Offense, Not a Crime

Interviewer: So, there’s no separate administrative non-criminal hearing for the license portion?

Tom Chaves: No. In New Jersey, DWI is motor vehicle offense as opposed to a crime.

A DWI Charge is Not to Be Taken Lightly in the State of New Jersey

Interviewer: Do people think it’s not a big deal because it’s not a crime?

Tom Chaves: No. Most people realize that it is very significant because losing one’s driving privileges is very significant for most people in a state where probably 90 per cent or more people need a car to get anywhere.

A BAC Reading of 0.15 or Above Results in Mandatory Installation of the Ignition Interlock Device

For example, people at a minimum will have substantially higher insurance premiums, there’s a good possibility that people will be terminated for renewal of their insurance policy because many insurance companies don’t renew people that have driving under the influence convictions. And if a blood alcohol reading is 0.15 percent or above, that’s a requirement of mandatory installation of the interlock device in the person’s vehicle.

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